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Ok, God. I'll paint.

For the last three years, I've served in a wonderful church with wonderful people. Yet I continually felt the gentle 'nagging' of God that I should spend my time another way. So I left the job to paint, for now. And as ridiculous as it sounds, I'm not surprised. I long ago resigned myself that God gifted me with artistic ability. I'm tired of arguing with him that I'm ignoring my gift. In my life, I do what he wants. I am happily dependent, ready to serve. I know that I may have a lot of ideas of how I should make an impact on this world, but only He has the perfect plan. So I try to listen and I Try not to ask too many questions (lol of course I ask too many questions).

My heart knows that God loves me deeply and I can Trust Him. My desire is that through my art, I will help you understand that he loves you deeply and you can trust Him too.


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