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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Original Art

Is Your Home Missing Something?

Have you every walked into a home to discover stunning piece of original artwork? It speaks to you about who lives there. It says something about their personality. It makes a statement. It is beautiful.

Have you every thought to yourself, "I wish I had the money to decorate like that."

Well, you might be surprised that you can afford original artwork. For many 'starving artists' (like myself lol), we would rather sell you an original piece for what you can afford than see you hang a worthless print from Home Goods on your wall. After all, it is YOUR home. It is a reflection of you. You share family memories in your home - holidays, special events and everyday life. Your space should reflect how you want to feel in your home.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Original Art

  1. It Moved You. When considering a piece of artwork, it should move you in some way. Maybe it's the colors or the feeling it generates. When you take it home and put it on your wall you take the feeling with you. When you move to a new house, you carry the feeling with you. It becomes a part of who you are.

  2. Investment. When you buy an original work, it is an investment. The artist may be selling their work cheaply now (yay for you!). But in a few years when they have become more successful, that piece of artwork will be worth much more. Cha-ching, your investment just grew.

  3. Support an Artist. You can use your money in different ways. So much of the stuff we buy ends up becoming clutter that we have to manage later or discard. When you invest those dollars into an artist, you are supporting creativity and innovation. You are supporting a mom with three kids instead of a large corporation. And you get to keep something wonderful in return for your generosity!

  4. Art Becomes a Part of Who You Are. When you buy your first piece of original art, you become an Art Collector. You have joined an elite club of people who for centuries have learned to appreciate the value of good original artwork. When you travel, you will want to see what the local artists are creating. When you see a piece of artwork in a restaurant, you will have an opinion. And when you see a print in Home Goods, you will know the difference.

Best Way to Buy Original Art Inexpensively

So you are intrigued, but you're not sure how. The best way to buy original artwork inexpensively is directly from the artist. Galleries and online shops typically charge the artist a 40% commission. The Art Shows with the tents where you love to take your dog and window shop? Artists pay $400-600 just to rent that space. Even a local show can cost an artist a fortune in commission* - so what do they have to do? Raise their price. If you can buy directly from an artist through their website, you will find a better deal. If they are a working artist, they want to move their paintings because they are always creating new ones.

Make An Offer. Most artists are open to your offer as long as you do not lowball them. Considering the size of the painting, the cost of materials alone can be anywhere from $50-$100. And then considering the complexity of the piece, it may have taken the artist 5-40 hours to paint. The best fair cost for an emerging artist painting is $1 per square inch. So, if the painting is 10x20, that's (hold on now there's math involved....) 200 square inches or $200. Considering their time and expenses, you can see why this is actually a pretty good deal for you.

Start by discovering artists at local events. Then do a little research and locate their website. Any modern artist looking to sell their work has a website. We don't really need to rely on galleries or street corners anymore to reach the public (of course, modern permitting laws don't allow street corners anymore). Be bold and contact the artist directly. You will make their day by just showing interest in their work.

I promise, you will not regret buying original artwork. Consider making an investment and support an emerging artist today - and your life will be blessed by it. Watch out though, you might just become an art collector!

-Written by Pamela Schwartz, artist and mother of three (

*For example, the painting shown here is showing at a local gallery for $350. After 20% commission and a $25 fee, I stand to make $255. I would have sold it to you for that if you found me directly, saving you $95.