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The Dog Days of Summer

I have spent my whole life fighting my inner artist. I have denied her, insulted her, shoved her to the shadows and told her to stop dreaming and be realistic. In the end, she is the quietly stubborn alpha, continually reminding and guilting me into committing time, energy and risk - demanding the forefront of my occupational mind. You must eventually submit to this quiet master: PAINT.

When I was in college I tried to major in everything but art, but in the end, it was meant to be. I have ignored art as a passion throughout my life, but in the end, it calls me back again and again.

I have tried to force my creativity into another shape through web design, graphic design, video publishing, curriculum design, laser printing, teaching... all to be reminded that painting is you at your best.

So I decided to paint again, beginning with a series of sweet beautiful man's best friends. The Dog Days of Summer is a painting series where one dog will be released daily beginning July 4, 2021. Each day will be a new breed of dog with a those unforgettable puppy dog eyes. Each painting is the same size and shape canvas, 20x20 inch, painted with acrylics. The originals will be for sale as well as affordable prints. Custom portraits of your beloved furry family member are also available. Contact me for more information. I appreciate your support!