Title: "Carry Me"


"I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so all who put their trust in me will no longer remain in the dark." - John 12:46

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 30" wide by 24" tall

Marketing & Social Media


  • Built and maintained websites using CMS platforms such as PD-go!, LightCMS, Word Press

  • Leveraged social media – Facebook integration and targeted boost marketing reaching unique and specific markets 

  • You Tube playlists, monetization, promotion

Writing & Communications 
•    Produced e-newsletter  
•    Wrote newsletter articles and website content 
•    Marketing schedules for events

Audio/Video Production & Editing  
•    Produced slideshow and multimedia presentations for weekly church services
•    Created video presentations from picture and video clips with music or voiceover overlay
•    Produced weekly live broadcast of services on You Tube and Facebook live
•    Sound board and light technologies

Vision & Business Development 
•    Developed a web design company (Positive Design, Inc.) with a partner from the ground to a $300k gross annual business (owned for 15 years)
•    Set strategic planning and long range goals 
•    Kept pace with emerging CMS web technologies and iOS application
•    Engineered proprietary “PD-go!” CMS web solution which functions to help the average business owner log in and keep their website updated, simply
•    Developed and launched a franchise of the PD-go! Web Solutions business model 

Staff Management 
•    Scaled growth of company through use of contract support and employee expansion
•    Restructured as needed to ebb and flow with business volume
•    Evaluated employees and maintained quality control

Fine & Graphic Arts
•    Art director for staff of graphic designers and software engineers
•    Proficient in logo design, banner ads, print graphics (from business cards to show displays) using Photoshop, Illustrator
•    Produces fine art: paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolor), drawings, illustrations
•    Exhibits artwork

Business Management  
•    Managed accounts payable and receivables, invoicing, statements
•    Maintained a budget, managed resources and financial reinvestment
•    Has managed several LLCs, an S Corporation, copyright registrations, a franchise system, insurance policies, contracts
•    Proficient in Quickbooks, Excel, MS Word
•    Understands customer service & client management

Project Management
•    Managed web design projects
•    Assisted clients with content organization, planning and structure of their website
•    Delivered completed projects on schedule




•    Lesson Planning, class management and organization in roles of co-teacher and 3rd grade classroom teacher
•    Adapted lessons for online learning using video conferencing and recorded teaching